Pet Damage

Are you a proud pet owner? Great! We love pets too! They add so much energy and life to our homes that it is difficult to imagine our lives without them.

Pets truly do become part of the family. Pets just like any other family member will sometimes do things that we do not approve of such as tearing up your carpet or urinating on it.

Situations like these happen all of the time.  We are delighted that we can provide you with a affordable carpet care service that eliminates the pet damage from your carpet.

For bite, claw and chew damage we will completely remove the damaged section of your carpet and install a brand new piece of remnant carpet from a nondescript area of your home. We usually will take a piece of carpet from the back of a closet.

After we are done with the repair, you will not be able to tell there was any damage to your carpet. If your pet has had one too many accidents on your carpet, we know exactly how to stop this from occurring again.

Urine removal requires the use of an enzyme-based cleaning solution to get to the root of the problem. The enzyme-based cleaner breaks down the urine at the molecular level.

This will stop your pet from making repeated trips to urinate in the same spot. We can also get rid of “doggy odor” for you as well.

The sooner that you give us a call about your pet damage issues, the sooner we can diagnose and fix your pet damage problems.

Contact us today at 385-200-9705 to schedule your appointment with us.