Carpet To Tile Transition Repair

If you are in the home stretch of your tile installation now is a good time to make sure that you get the carpet to tile transition right.

Carpet that is not transitioned to tile correctly will put a damper on all of your hard work. You don’t want to put in all of that hard work only to have your work overshadowed by a transition that is failing. Your guests will notice a poorly executed carpet to tile transition.

If you do not have the energy or time to repair it, we will gladly take care of this issue for you.

We are perfectionists and want your carpet to tile transition to look good.  We also want to prevent your carpet from being torn, curled, frayed or having to be replaced prematurely.

We have many repair solutions that we can use to remedy your carpet to tile transition issues.

Here are the most common repair solutions that we use for most of our clients.

Tack Strips: Carpet that is even with the tile requires a simple re-stretching to fix the problem. 

Rubber Reducers: This repair solution is for our commercial clients. We replace worn out and old rubber reducers in a timely fashion.

In an environment where a lawsuit over a trip and fall accident is a legitimate concern, having these rubber reducers replaced quickly can save you from being sued and from potentially losing your business.

Transition Strips: We carry three styles, wood, metal, and rubber. We do not usually use transition strips when there is a height differential between the tile and carpet flooring but could be appropriate for your situation.

Our carpet repair technicians are friendly, hard working folks who love what they do.  If you have any questions about carpet to tile transition repairs, do not hesitate to call us with your questions or concerns.

We are here to serve you. To discuss your carpet to tile transition issues or to set up a carpet to tile transition repair appointment please give us a call today at 385-200-9705